Twin Cities Real Estate Selling Process

As a Seller

Trying to sell your home on your own can be an intimidating and disappointing experience. There are a

multitude of items to manage and consider. How to determine the listing price, marketing strategy,

when to have open houses, MLS listing system, legal liabilities, not to mention the closing, title transfer

and complex paperwork to navigate. I can eliminate that stress and anxiety by representing you as a


I will perform a complete market analysis to determine the best listing price for your home, offer staging

advice and ensure professional quality photos are taken to showcase your home. We will meet to

determine the optimal marketing strategy and work together to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Not only will I handle the MLS listing process, but I will use my extensive internal contacts and network

in addition to other marketing tools in order to sell your home quickly while obtaining you the best


When a purchase offer is received I will personally review the offer with you and negotiate on your

behalf not only the offered price, but the contract terms, and contingencies. My experience and

knowledge allows you to have a hassle free and profitable home selling experience.