Twin Cities Real Estate Buying Process


Buying a Home

Owning your own home is the goal and dream of many, but are you ready? I want you to have successful

and enjoyable home owning experience, not just a happy and easy buying experience. I have listed

below the “Big 5” questions every buyer and first time buyer should ask themselves. My job is to find

you the home of your dreams, but my goal is to have you enjoy the home of your dreams



Questions to ask before the buying process:

Are your ready to own your home?

Homeownership means not giving your hard earned money away to your land lord every month but

building equity and investing in yourself. The financial reward and personal satisfaction of home

ownership are vast, but you must also be prepared for the risk and continued upkeep with property


What type of home suits your lifestyle?

There are many different types of residential property choices to think about: a townhome, condo,

traditional single family, duplex, or multifamily units. There are pros and cons to each and I can help you

determine which type of home not only suits your lifestyle but which one will meet your long term real

estate and investment goals.

What features are your needs and wants in a home?

The purchase of a home is typically the largest investment a person makes. It is key to make a list of

needs and wants that fit your lifestyle and basic desires. As an experienced Twin Cities Realtor I will

guide you through this process and help you understand what is truly important for you. Is it location, a

home office, the ability to renovate and add a 4 th bedroom in the future to needing a specific kitchen

layout with professional appliances?

How much of a mortgage do you qualify for?

I recommend to all of my clients, whether first time home buyers or seasoned property investors paying

with cash to meet with a qualified lender. Financial regulations are constantly changing and being pre-

approved with a mortgage lender gives you more leverage during the negotiating process. I have

professional contacts with several mortgage service providers here in the Twin Cities and we work

together to ensure you are pre-approved but more importantly that the closing process occurs in a

timely and hassle-free manner.

How much home can you actually afford?

Banks will typically give you a loan for more house than what you really want. It is important to look at

the total cost of ownership when determining how much house you can afford. Property tax, insurance,

utilities, maintenance and upkeep are all a part of the total cost of ownership. Remember it is not just

your monthly mortgage payment. It is key to include these costs to determine how much you can, and

want, to spend on a home.